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Major Despensations and Covenants

  1. INNOCENSE – (From creation to the fall of man…eating the forbidden fruit)
  • Edenic Covenant
    • to propagate the race
    • to subdue the earth for man
    • to have dominion over animal creation
    • to care for the garden and eat it’s fruits and herbs
    • to abstain from eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil
  1. CONSCIENCE – (From the fall of man to the Flood)
  • Adamic Covenant
    • The serpent is cursed
    • The first promise of a redeemer ( the seed - Abel, Seth, Noah, Shem…Abraham…Isaac…Jacob…Judah…David…Immanuel-Christ)
    • Women (Multiplied conception, Pain in birth, headship of man over her)
    • The earth is cursed man is to do burdensome labor
    • The inevitable sorrow of life
    • Certainty of death
  1. HUMAN GOVERNMENT – (From leaving the ark to Abraham.)
  • Noahic Covenant
    • Man made to protect life by orderly rule over man
    • No more flood of curse upon the ground
    • The order of nature is confirmed
    • The flesh of animals added to man’s diet
    • A prophetic declaration is made that descendants of Canaan, one of Ham’s sons, will be servants toothier brethren
    • A prophetic declaration is made that Shem will have a unique relationship with the Lord. All divine revelation is through Semitic men, and Christ, after the flesh, descends from Shem.
    • A prophetic declaration is made that from Japheth will descend the enlarged races. Government, science, and art, are and have been Japheth, so that history is the indisputable record of the exact fulfillment of these declarations.
  1. PROMISE – ( From Abraham to the Law)
  • Abrahamic Covenant
    • A promise of the great nation, (Israel). And other nations through Ishmael and Esau.
    • Promises to Abraham. a) to be the father of numerous descendants, b) to receive personal blessing, fulfilled in two ways: temporally and spiritually, c) to receive personal honor, fulfilled by the recognition of all that honor the Bible. d) to be the channel of blessing: fulfilled in blessings to others through his seed, Israel, who became the instruments of divine revelation through Abraham as an example of pious faith and permanently through Christ.
    • Promises to the Gentiles. a) Those that honor Abraham will be blessed, b) Curse them who curse Abraham. This is a warning literally fulfilled in history of Israel’s persecutions. It has in inevitably fared ill with the people that persecuted the Jew. And well with those who have protected them. For a nation to commit the sin of anti-Semitism brings inevitable judgment. c) All families of the earth to be blessed through Abraham. This promise is fulfilled in Abraham’s seed, Christ, and all the spiritual seed of Abraham, who like Abraham, are justified by faith.
  1. LAW – ( From giving of the Law at Sinai to the Resurrection of Christ)
  • Mosaic Covenant.
    • The commandments, expressing the righteous will of God.
    • The judgment, governing the social life of Israel.
    • The ordinances, governing the religious life of Israel.
  1. CHURCH – (From the Resurrection of Christ to His millennial Kingdom)
  • Setting up the Church
    • Purchased by the blood of Jesus.
    • Constituted by His resurrection and ascension at Pentecost.
    • Believers baptized with the Holy Spirit.
    • The Church of God established with both Jews and Gentiles
    • The rapture.
    • The tribulation.
    • The return from heaven of Christ and his Church.
  1. KINGDOM – (The return from heaven of Christ and his Church to infinity)
  • Setting up His kingdom.
    • The time of oppression and misrule ends.
    • The time of testimony and forbearance ends with the judgment.
    • The time of toil ends in rest and reward.
    • The time of suffering ends in glory.
    • The time of Israel’s blindness and chastisement end in restoration and conversion.


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