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There are 3 basic meeting types.

1. General Fellowship

These meetings are held for Bible Study, Prayer and Praise, Virtual Church, and Bible Trivia. They are focused on our peronal growth in Christ. They are normally held in the General Fellowship room unless otherwise specified.

2. CR Step Lessons

These meetings are generic. Reguardlesss of the group you join the steps are the same. All step lessons have homework. You will be required to complete your homework for each lesson and post in your private journal. These journals are located under the private group forums of the group/groups you have joined. If you need a journal created contact your CR coach.

Step meetings are held 5 times a week at different points in the lessons.

2. CR Small Group Open Shares

These meetings are group specific. Various CR topics are discussed. They are designed to give those in the same group with similar recovery issues to meet a share their experiences in a safe place. Small group guidelines apply while attending these meetings.

CR meetings

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You must be 18 years of age to join a CR group without parental consent. Those under 18 must furnish the following:

1. Email address of your parent or guardian.

2. An email directly from your parent or guardian authorizing your participation in a specific group or groups. (send email to the administrator of The 4 Gospels Christian Network)

1. Choose a Group

Click here for a list of groups and their description.

Test for our Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups.

Chemical dependent test. Eating Disorder Test Codependent test Sexual Addiction test.

2. Join a Hurt/Habit/Hang up Group to unlock your Group forums for posting.

Many of the groups here can be managed by you. They are 'open' groups all are welcome, no prior approval required. To join a group, click "Here". Click on the UserGroup tab. Select the group you would like to join, scroll to the bottom and click 'submit'. Your private group forum will then appear in the root of the CR main forum. You will be contacted by general CR membership email to advice you of the CR schedule. You may also resign from a group on the same page.

3. What will be required of you?

One of the most important steps for a Newcomer—is that they must initiate their own recoveries and seek new relationships. A Newcomer must take responsibility for their own recovery. For any recovery program to work, you have to work it. You must ernestly apply the steps, principles, and lessons. Here are some new healthy habits to form:

  • Contact those in your group and support each other's recovery!
  • Attending as many of the 8:30 pm fellowship meetings as possible.
  • Fellowship any time of the day with members of your group!
  • Having regular private chats with your partner.
  • Reading God's Word daily. (Daily reading plan )
  • Sharing your progress in developing these new habits in the forums daily.
  • Completing and posting the lessson homework in your personal journal. (See your coach if you do not have a journal)

Remember! These meetings are as close as your PC that you probably use daily. You have no excuses such as; you don't have the time to go to the meetings, they are too far away, I do not have the money for the gas this week, etc.

4. Find Your Way Around the Forums (Post You Introduction)

After joining the group you will then be able to view the group forum and begin to post. For privacy all these forums are invisible to the public they will only appear after you become a member. These forums are available 24/7. All the steps and lessons will be posted in the private forums fo you sto work anytime you wish and at your own pace.

For Direct access to your group, go to the main forum (Board Index) Just above of the Chat Box you will see the menu. Click on the "CR Forum Access" then the name of your group to go directly to your forums. You will not be able to view any of the sub-forums there unless you are a member of that group. If you feel you should have access, contact the Administrator.

5. Purchase Materials

You can find a list of the basic materials you will need by clicking HERE.

Celebrate Recovery Materials


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