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Welcome to our Bible Challenge library. Test your knowledge of scripture and have fun while you learn. More questions and categories will be added daily.

Each quiz is rated for difficulty fro 1 to 5, (5) being the most difficult.


There will also be quizzes posted at random times under the Bible Challenge forum before they are published here. If you feel you have scored 100% on any of the quizzes that are posted in the forum, submit your answers before the quiz is posted here and we will place your name on the front page of the published quiz. You may also submit complete quizzes.


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r1=Easy >> 10 points each
r2=Average >> 12 points each
r3=Tough >> 13 points each
r4=Difficult >> 14 points each
r5=Very Difficult >> 15 points each

Amos 10q r3
Daniel Chapter 1 10q r2
Daniel Chapter 2 10q r2
Daniel 10q r2
Daniel 3 15q r3
Moses and the Plagues 15q r1
The Apostle Paul 10q r2
Genesis 10q r4
Ezekiel part One 10q r3
Joel 10q r3
Jeremiah 10q r2
Ezra 10q r3
Nahum 10q r3
Genesis Part 2 10q r2
Esther 10q r3
Leviticus 10q r2
Numbers 10q r3
Deuteronomy 10q r3
Exodus 10q r2
Joshua 10q r3
Judges 10q r2
Judges Part 2 10q r4
Ruth 10q r3
Job 10q r2
Zechariah 10q r3
1 Samel Part 1 10q r3
2 Samuel Part 1 10q r4
1 Kings Part 1 10q r3
2 Knigs Part 1 10q r3
1 Chronicles Part 1 10q r5
2 Chronicles Part 1 10q r4
Ezra 2 10q r3
Nehemiah Part 1 10q r3
Esther 2 10q r3
Job Part 2 10q r2
Noah 10q r1
Psalms Part 1 10q r3
Proverbs Part 1 10q r1
Ecclesiastes Part 1 10q r2
Isaiah part 1 10q r3
Lamentations 10q r1
Ezekiel Two 10q r3
Joel P 2 10q r3
Jonah 12q r2
Obadiah 10q r3
Micah 10q r2
Hosea 10q r3
Zepheniah 10q r2
Haggai 10q r3
Malachi q10 r2
Old Testament Part 1 10q r2
3:16 NT Verses 20q r3
Mother of John 10q r2
Philippians Part 1 10q r3
Origin of the NT 10q r3
John 10q r1
Gospels Part One 10q r2
Revelation 10q r1
Gospels Part 2 10r r2
Misc Questions One 10q r2
Bible Definitions One 10q r2
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